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This is our 12th Suggestion!

Carry this message to the heroin addict who still suffers! H&I consists of recovered heroin addicts that take meetings into jails, hospitals and other institutions where the still suffering heroin addicts are not able to attend  our regular meetings to be introduced to the solution we have found. 

H&I or Die!

Heroin addiction is a serious illness which we have found more often than not, without a program of action, leads to an early death! We have found that when all else fails trying to help the still suffering heroin addict gives us another daily reprieve. So we highly encourage anyone that is on their 12th step to help.

What are the requirements?

In Heroin Anonymous we suggest you be on your 12th step in order to carry a message of hope and freedom from heroin addiction. Beyond that different facilities tend to have different requirements. So if you are a heroin addict currently practicing this 12th suggestion or trying to start please reach out to us so we can point you in the right direction. 

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  Our 7th Tradition states, "We are fully self supporting through our own contributions". In this spirit, we accept voluntary donations from our members and groups, but respectfully decline outside contributions. All of these donations go directly to supporting our Hospitals and Institutions committee.   Thank you!  

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